Marble, granite and limestone are natural materials that have variations in colour and markings. Therefore the samples we provide may not be an exact match to the material used when the work is carried out. It is always wise to view the actual slabs prior to commencement of manufacture.

Marble and limestone are porous and susceptible to staining and etching. When items such as a wine glass is left on a top it may well leave a ring mark on the surface of the stone. Items containing acids, such as lemons, will etch and remove the polish if left on a worksurface. Oils will also cause staining if they are not wiped up immediately after spilling. 

It is recommended to treat all internal stone with a protective coat of sealant. The sealant impregnates the surface of the material and therefore helps protect it from staining.

Marble, granite and limestone surfaces need to be properly maintained. They should be cleaned on a regular basis, depending on the type of stone. Granite and quartz are lot more durable than marble and limestone which is why it is far more suitable for kitchen worktops.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.